Monday, May 14, 2007

The excitement builds...

It is so difficult to think of anything other than the impending move these days. I am so very excited, and everything in the apartment is reminding me of what is coming - the empty bookcases, the packing boxes lining the hall, John's rucksack of books which moves nomadically from room to room with for no apparent reason.

Deciding what comes and what stays is very difficult. Books have already been chosen and rejected (although I have still chosen far too many), and some winter clothes have been packed away while others will live with my parents until winter comes around, because we cannot bring everything with us in one journey. I'm not a particularly "boho" sort of girl - when I think bohemian, I think of the 1920's rather than Miss Miller, and certainly the former is a sort of bohemianism that I might aspire to. I confess that I am bringing some slightly hippyish clothes with me, for comfort and practicality outside the home, but I will also be bringing silk and lace cocktail dresses for sitting on our roof, watching the sun set over the city, perhaps with a cocktail or a gin and tonic... I hope that this fantasy isn't too shallow of me, but it does sound like fun, doesn't it?

Other impractical clothes which are making their way into my suitcases include these scrumptious shorts from the new Kate Moss range for Topshop (for indoor use only!), along with a very long, slinky gold shimmery skirt, which doesn't really photograph so I'm not including it here.

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