Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today, back in Marrakech, we brought our guest with us to Acima. This was as much of a cry of pride as necessity as I think it is safe to say that most travellers find public buses a bit of a challenge when outside the first world, preferring taxis as a bit more reliable in terms of actually getting to the place you want to be. As such, our conquest of the Marrakchi bus system was a moment of great joy and pride for us, even though we quickly realised that it is a particularly idiot-proof system, the majority of buses leaving from one place, right by the Djemma el Fna, and at least half of them going by our favourite places. Still, buses here have made our lives a lot easier and have eradicated the need to argue with taxi drivers who refuse to turn on the meter, try to charge you fifty dirhams for a journey that should cost about seven and the DRIVE OFF when you try to haggle. The bus fare is a flat 3.5 dirhams, buses are frequent and drivers are friendly.

Yet somehow, our guest was not completely bowled over by either the ease of the bus experience or our treasured Acima supermarket. He quite calmly took these wonders for granted and puzzled over why we seemed to expect more enthusiasm and wonderment. Oh well. *We're* impressed with ourselves.

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