Thursday, June 7, 2007

The day has come!

It is a quarter to seven in the morning, and just under five hours from now we will be boarding a one way flight to Marrakech! I'm not particularly anxious, I must say (except about potentially staggering excess baggage charges) as we are being collected from the airport and brought to our riad for the next few nights and I have worked out exactly where our estate agent's office is for our appointment tomorrow morning. Please hope and pray for us that he has actually done what he said he would and found some houses for us to look at immediately and that the process of renting and moving in to a house in Marrakech is not a lengthy one as although the Hotel Ali would cost the same for a month as renting a house (tra-la-laaa for the Ali!), it would be much nicer to be all settled and cosy in our new home.

I will bring my camera with me tomorrow and, if possible, take photographs of the houses he brings us to so that you can share my horror or delight, as the case may be!