Thursday, June 14, 2007

In bliss, may die from ecstasy at any moment.

Oh how heavenly our life has suddenly become! After all the running around from one side of the Medina to the other (and discovering the difference between nice areas and not-so-nice areas at the same time) we are reasonably settled in our temporary home in the Mouassine district and life is heavenly. Doves cooing and swooping over the courtyard, other birds constantly singing and squabbling, tall cypresses all along one side and palms and orange trees everywhere else - you wouldn't even suspect that you are in a major city, until the call to prayer reminds you that you have not indeed been transported to a remote Tuscan hillside.

Our day was spent in idle bliss - we have dug out our teas from the cases and had Lapsang Souchong for breakfast, followed by some reading on the bougainvillea-clad roof terrace, then nap, then cherries, now a bottle of wine in Jardins de la Koutoubia (among their other attributes as the most central five-star hotel in the Medina, they have wireless internet). Life is serene.

I have taken some pictures, but they won't upload! The connection here must be too slow, I'm afraid - I will try again at the internet cafe tomorrow, which seems to be a little faster than here.

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