Saturday, June 9, 2007

We're here!

But unfortunately with an arabic keyboard so typing is taking about three times as long as it ought, whch, as you might imagine; somewhat dampens my enthusiasm for long posts.

Suffice to say for now that I think we have a house! It is a three bedroom riad, fully furnished, with a gorgeous canopy on the terrace and its own hammam. It doesn't appear to have a telephone line yet but that will be the first improvement we make, and indeed perhaps the only one as it apears to be quite perfect! Today we ventured into Gueliz, in the Ville Nouvelle, which was horrible, and we have vowed to add any necessary trips there to our future housekeeper's (otherwise short) list of duties. It is a mystery to me how some tourists are afraid of the Medina and love the Ville Nouvelle when for us it is quite the other way around. From what we can gather, the VN is full of nasty wide boulevards and broadly spaced shops, with the whole obscured by pollution and oppressive heat, whereas the Medina is narrow and sheltered, free from cars and lined with exciting shops and interesting cafes.

Alas, this computer is a little too primitive for me to show you pictures just yet but Reader, have patience! I will show you all very soon!

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Rachel said...

I totally agree. I loved the medina and absolutely disagreed with the Gueliz (which seemed more like a nasty part of Paris).