Saturday, October 13, 2007

Feeling a bit better now.

After my post last night we went out for dinner and it really is amazing what a bottle of wine and a good night's sleep will do for ones equilibrium. The plan is to take the Montparnasse apartment if we are offered it, and if not, then we show up on the 23rd of October for one week in a short term studio let and get cracking with FUSAC magazine (which comes out the next day) and every other accommodation listing available (thank you Lisa!), including the noticeboard at the American Church here. Much calmer now. The thought of handing over in excess of two *thousand* euros to the agent of the other apartment we viewed yetserday was just too much for our delicate sensibilites. Can you imagine?

Today we are about to leave the two suitcases we brought in a storage facility until we get our apartment, go to a couple of shops and put together a picnic of some kind and betake ourselves, suitably wrapped up, to Pere Lachaise cemetery for the afternoon. I feel vaguely anxious about not trying to do practical things, but we're *moving* here before the end of the month - Printemps, Ladurée and the dépôts-ventes can wait.

(Image with thanks to Savoie in Paris)

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Lisa from Florida said...

I love cemeteries. I love Pere Lachaise.
Whom did you seek out? Did you get lost?
I am excited for you ! My husband and I have been to France several times - Paris twice, and we are in-love with both.
(and each other) :-)

We are preparing for Christmas in New Orleans this year. Just the two of us.
We plan to picnic in their cemeteries too!
In preparation, we are watching "Cat People" tonight - the remake with Natasia Kinski.(filmed in New Orleans). Keep us posted! and may you have many Amelie moments...