Thursday, October 18, 2007

Indulgence and a catastrophe

Today I allowed myself the greatest of all indulgences - I got us two tickets to see Paquita at the Palais Garnier in December. Won't that be marvellous? But what to wear? A long dress? Cocktail? Bear in mind that I love dressing up...

In other news, my camera has died. Completely an utterly. It was sick for a while, but now it is just plain dead - it won't even stay turned on. And worst of all, it is entirely my fault for letting sand get into it at Essaouira.

(Images with thanks to Paris Marais, Candida Hofer and


Holly Woods said...

Oh, you are a lucky lady.
Let's think about what wonderful perfume you shall wear and let that be the muse!
I have just been to Claudia's.

Sarah said...

Ooh... perfume... I feel a post coming on!

Persephone said...

Your blog is delightful. I am enjoying it immensely.