Sunday, October 21, 2007

I know you're out there...

Readers, I need your help. When I move to Paris at the end of this month, I will be closing this blog and starting a new one and I need a name for it. Something chic, simple, non-location-specific and relevant to an academic girl's interests in fashion, interiors, food, culture and literature. I like texture - grosgrain, velvet, brocade - and I had thought of things like "Grosgrain and Velvet", for instance.

What do you think?


rochambeau said...

I come to you by way of Tara. How exciting to have had the year in Marrakesh and now being moving on to Paris!!! Grosgrain and Velvet is a good name!
Maybe you can make a long long list of every single name possible, and take it from there. It might get the creative juices going.

I'll be looking for your new blog!

Lisa said...


Holly Woods said...

Hi Darling,
I will need some more time to think up a name for you to consider.
Meanwhile, would you like to play the "waiting" game with me?
Holly x
How about something like MADAME ROCHE?

A Fanciful Twist said...

Oh my!!! hello!!! Paris is getting nearer!! I can't wait, it is like I am excited for you, so much so, that I think I am going to Paris?? hahahahaa! I will think on it!!

paris parfait said...

I like Lisa's idea of Notions. And you're right about the name not being location-specific. I've been wondering what I'll do if and when we leave Paris.

Lalla Mira said...

'Paris C Chic' => pariscchic = Paris is chic.

How does that sound?

thattwirlgirl said...

Found you via Maryam in Marrakesh and I must say, your blog is a delight. I am looking forward to seeing and hearing about life in Paris through your new blog.

Name idea:

the velvet life
a velvet life

I think velvet is a yummy word, but grosgrain, as much as I LOVE the ribbon, has this edge of yuck in it, as the word "gros"...just me being a word nerd!

Notions is a great word, as it has double meaning...perhaps something like:

scented notions

as I loved your post on perfumes...