Friday, August 17, 2007

And still the struggle goes on...

Well, we're barely any closer to having internet in our house yet. We are a *little* closer, though, because the guy in Maroc Telecom at Marjane was furious at the chancers in Maroc Telecom in Gueliz for sending us to him, as this is basically what they do whenever they are confused by Westerners asking about the internet, even though they (in Gueliz) are technically the only people who can help us. Our other option is to find out where the Maroc Telecom in the Medina is. My google search yielded only the laments of another expat (this time in Fez) who has just spent seven weeks trying to extract wifi from Maroc Telecom!

We have had the busiest two days in the world, between Acima yesterday (was that yesterday?) and going for my massage at the spa of Jardins de la Koutoubia (yay! the first masseur to give a damn about my knotty back since China! actually my first masseur ever - I've only ever had masseuses before), dashing home for lunch (reheated lasagne - lasagne! in our own kitchen - we actually had *scones* straight out of the oven for breakfast) and then going out to the dreaded Marjane, which actually wasn't as bad as I remembered and we got a terrifying amount of stuff which we loaded into a taxi (who foolishly *started* the bargaining back into the Medina at 20DH and seemed almost disappointed when I immediately said yes), unloaded it out of the taxi and into a charet (hand cart) and went home only to discover that we had forgotten our key, despite the huge blingy chain which Moulaid gave to us to keep it on a couple of weeks ago. Mercifully, she was in (don't forget that the two houses are next door), so all was well. AND we struck a cake deal with her, whereby she will bake us the cake of her choice every Sunday morning! Tra-la-la for Moulaid, the true heroine of this blog!

As I know for a fact that I won't be getting internet tomorrow, I will take the time to write a proper, coherent and less brackety entry tomorrow - with the promised pictures, including one especially for Maryam.

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