Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Normal service will resume shortly

Back in Marra after the longest journey in the world - left John's family home at lunchtime, arrived at JFK at 5pm for our 8pm flight as interminable security queues at Heathrow and Dublin have taught us the virtues of arriving up to a day before the flight departs. Overnight flight to Casablanca - John slept, I read The Plague° and ate sushi° - and an hour long transfer at Casa for Marra, which still wasn't enough time for the bagge handlers to work out the intricacies of getting our bags from one plane to the other one standing right beside it. About 16 hours in all.

However, all was well when we arrived . Frankly, our own mothers are going to have to put in a bit more effort to make us feel as welcome as our darling Moulaid did; hugs, kisses, tears AND a cake.

Tomorrow is going to be go go go - our old friends Maroc Telecom for internet things, Acima for the supermarket run of our lives, and the airport to pick up our now located bags.

We haven't got internet in our new house just yet, so this is from an internet cafe with a keyboard which is pretty inscrutable, even by Moroccan standards, so I am going to leave you now and go off to Cafe Arabe for cocktails°, which is a lot easier than working out where on earth the brackets are.

As of tomorrow I will be back in full swing, criticizing Moroccan food, hating the Ville Nouvelle traffic, arguing with taxi drivers and generally abusing each aspect of the local culture I come across°. I might even post a couple of pretty pictures. It'll be great. Welcome back, me!

°A surprisingly comforting book
° Yep. We're THOSE travellers.
°We have a hard life here in North Africa.
°Well, not really. But maybe.