Saturday, August 11, 2007

What next?

My poor readers. You all come here for one of two reasons - either you know me personally/are related to me, or you want to read a blog about Marrakech, and what happens? I clear off to America and start writing about Virginia and New York! Well, to set your minds at rest, I will be back in the land of bad food, vilely rude teenage boys and lethal mopeds in three days from now. Just three more days! Goodness. I can barely remember the place. Chincoteague is so peaceful and other-worldly that it is difficult to imagine being anywhere else at all, really. Of course, it might just be the knock on the head I got in the sea the other day (more details at my husband's blog).

This is our last full day here - tomorrow morning we will set off *very* early in the true manner of all dads the world over. As we leave, John and I hope to lure his family for breakfast into the cafe (possibly just called "The Cafe", I think - Chincoteague not quite being the epicentre of America's imagination) where we had a gorgeous breakfast the other morning of positively sinful French toast, soaked not just in eggs but in Grand Marnier and Baileys Irish Cream, then smothered with maple syrup and topped off with bacon. Heaven. But probably dangerous.

When we get home, we will unpack the car and the pick-up, and re-integrate ourselves briefly into suburban America with a trip to the King of Prussia Mall followed by hearing my brother-in-law's rock band play at the local... zoo. No, I don't get this either, but I will certainly report back.

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