Sunday, August 12, 2007

Exotic readers from exotic places

When I started this blog, it was intended as a sort of personal diary with the advantage of being able to share it with a small circle of family and friends. Gradually, this group has expanded and when I go to Statcounter to check my hits, the most marvellous thing is to click on the recent visitor map and see the extraordinary variety of countries from which my readers hail. In the last couple of days I have had readers from Ireland, England, France, Morocco and the US. But I have also head readers from Zimbabwe, Malaysia, Lebanon and Trivandrum in India. Isn't that extraordinary? That's Trivandrum in the pictures above. There is somebody *there*, perhaps Indian or an expat like I am (and a number of my readers) who sat in their house or office or local internet cafe and read about my life in Marrakech. I would love to know why, but I probably never will (unless he or she reads this post and chooses to comment!).

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Katie said...

Hi Sarah-

I was one of your links from Lebanon. I live in the US but am here a lot for work. I found your blog through Mariam in Marrakesh and enjoyed reading about your trip to Chincoteague, having recently been there for the first time myself. I was in Marrakesh last spring so look forward to hearing more about your year there!! Good luck with getting the house set up - it sounds wonderful! Cheers, Katie

Sarah said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! Isn't Chincoteague divine?