Friday, July 13, 2007

Lamps, landlords and lounging around

Remember the huge lamp from a couple of days ago? Well, spurred on by the fact that I will be visiting Dublin for a couple of days later this month and travelling with a real airline (i.e. one that has a proper baggage allowance, i.e. not Ryanair), we bought it yesterday evening! Bargaining was relaxed but determined as we had researched our prices that day in Place des Ferblantiers, and despite an opening price of an outrageous 1600DH (€143) we eventually walked away with it for 700DH (€62). Now, admittedly, a Moroccan or long-time resident here could probably have done a bit better, but we were very pleased and now all I have to do is get it back to Ireland! It is chest-height...

The last couple of days have had their challenges increased by a persistent power cut. Hot breathless nights and computerless days... then yesterday morning a phone call announced the imminent arrival of our host and landlord, the famous stylist, Hugo Curletto. Within hours we had a fountain, buckets of roses, a fridge full of food and beer and probably the cleanest house in Marrakech. We waited with trepidation. Then got bored and went out for ice cream (you heard about that yesterday - it turns out that coffee ice cream in the evening *will* keep you awake all night, by the way). Finally, long after we had gone to bed, we heard him arrive. This morning we met him and all our fears have vanished. He is handsome (very), friendly and best of all, he is ringing Maroc Telecom today to get Wifi installed in the house immediately, which we will also be able to access when we move in next door! O glorious man! This will of course reduce our need to spend our mornings sitting in Jardins de la Koutoubia, and indeed potentially obviate the need to set foot outside our front door from one day to the next.

The picture above, incidentally, is the view from where I am sitting right now.

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