Thursday, July 12, 2007

Slow days...

The heat brings on such ennui and Brie cravings. It is quite extraordinary. The Brie part, I mean. And of course, what better to have with Brie than white wine? Thank goodness we can buy half bottles of quite respectable Moroccan white for a mere two euros. The half bottles are to evade the inevitable temptation to finish off a whole bottle, you see, but that aside, we are discovering that Moroccan wine is surprisingly good - I will certainly be bringing a couple of bottles to my parents to show off when I visit them in a couple of weeks.

But the ennui... oh dear... I have so much work today and this morning I had just wasted my laptop's battery playing a wretched dinosaur computer game (don't ask - I'm embarrassed to be typing this at all) when our district was struck by another power cut which has been going strong for six hours now, leaving me with no computer but admittedly ample reading, certainly (perhaps even a little of Saplings, by Noel Streatfield). However, the lack of a fan coupled with a windless heat of 39 degrees, has made more than a couple of hours of reading slightly unwelcome, unfortunately, so here I am in our trusty internet cafe; we had initally wandered out just to see if the rest of the world was equally afflicted, but no, just our area, so after I hit "post" I am off to wean myself away from Brie with ice-cream.

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