Sunday, July 8, 2007

Let me tell you about my boat

Well, I have been very lax in showing you photographs of where I am living, apart from a few shots of our very elegant abode. Morocco being a country of interior space, the gorgeousness of our riad and our riad-to-be is not at all representative of the street on which we walk every day. There are three types of street in the Medina. The first ones the traveller encounters are the upmarket tourist-oriented ones, all expensive craft shops selling pottery, leather, carpets and metalwork of varying price and quality. Then there are the Moroccan-oriented shopping streets, which are just that – lined with kiosk-like groceries, cafes, dressmakers and mechanics (all run by men). Finally there are the derbs, which is where most people live. They are little neighbourhood-lanes, all twisty and confusing, awash with children and cats. And us, for it is in a derb that we also live. We have quite elevated neighbours; Moroccan families, French expats and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Today we took a walk to the tanneries. It seemed like the longest walk in the world but was acutally an embarrasingly short 1.5km round trip. However, we did finally take some pictures, of a street around the corner from us, a fondouk filled with lamps and finally a couple of our derb (perhaps even one with me in it).

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