Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sometimes almost anywhere else would be nice.

It is a constant shock to me that young men here not only feel that they can make vulgar and suggestive comments to passing women, but that when called on it, they feel justified. Today I received a volley of abuse (which I will not type out here) and the threat of a blow because I asked a teenager why he felt he had the right to speak to me in such a manner. Needless to say, though, he did not feel the need to defend his behaviour to my husband, when I offered him this opportunity.

But you know what is even odder? While I, and most women I know, object to being spoken to as if they are prostitutes, some (Western) women not only tolerate it, but lap it up. Apparently there is a certain sort of woman who will eat out the hand of a Moroccan man who verbally insults her in a sexual manner, and will even go so far as to sleep with him and sometimes marry him. The world is even stranger than I thought.

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